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Grooming Services with Heather













We offer grooming services Monday through Friday. Making an appointment is always best, but please feel free to call same day and if possible we'll fit your pet into the schedule.


To keep our veterinary hospital environment as safe as possible, we require your pet be current with rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines. If the vaccines are overdue we can easily update them same day.


Pets with grooming appointments should be dropped off at their set appointment time in the morning (let us know if you need a drop off time outside of this window). When your pet's groom is complete, Heather will call and let you know you can pick up. Most pets will be with us only 2-3 hours.  We do our best to work with your schedule, so on occasion we can accommodate a late drop off or early pick up request.


Please call our office for specific groom pricing for your pet's breed or to speak to the groomer about any special requests or needs your pet may have.


Our packages listed below are accurate for most pets that require grooming. Large pets, double coated breeds and breeds that require extra hand scissoring (Labradoodles, Standard Poodles, Bichon Frise) may be priced higher. Please ask Heather to provide you with a firm price based on your pets' needs.

Heather has lived in Florida for some time, having spent the last 6 years in Fort Myers. Most recently she was a grooming salon manager and is very excited to make Summerlin "her own". She considers working with our clients an amazing opportunity to offer the premium grooming experience she has always wanted to provide to her clients.  Heather has two children, 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 leopard geckos to round out her family.

Scroll down to see pictures of Heather's grooms.

Deluxe Bath  $35                                                                   Mini-Groom  $42                                                  Full Groom  $49 and up

*Eyes Gently Cleaned                                                        Our Deluxe Bath Plus:                                            Our Mini-Groom Plus:

*Ears Cleaned                                                              *Anal Glands Expressed if Needed                    *Nail Dremel for Smooth Round Nail Edges

*Nails Trimmed                                                                      *Paw Pads Shaved                                      *Your Choice of Shampoo & Conditioner

*Aloe & Oatmeal Bath                                                    *Excess Ear Hair Plucked                              *Pet Clipped & Scissored to Breed Standard

*Coat Conditioner Rinse                                       *Tummy & Tush Trim (Sanitary Trim)           *Coat & Skin Conditioning Finishing Spray

*Your Pet is Towel Dried, Air Dried                         *Feet Trimmed and Shaped                                 *Your Choice of Bandana & Spritz

then Hand Fluffed                                                                  *Face Neatened

*Brush Out and Spritzed with

Sweet Pea and Vanilla



Furminating Treatment - add $15-$30 to packages above based on breed 

While shaving your dog may seem like a good idea to address shedding and the summer heat, it can change the texture of the coat, interrupt the natural shedding cycle and impair your dog's ability to regulate body temperature. Our professional pet groomer can provide a healthier solution to shedding management by using a complete FURminating Treatment.


Furminating is much much more than just a bath and brush out. This treatment is the best way to rid your pet of dry, shedding coat hair. This special shampoo and conditioner along with our groomer using the Furminator tool really helps eliminate shedding and leaves your pet's coat looking and feeling amazing.


This treatment involves:


• First applying a "blow out" to the coat to loosen undercoat
• Thoroughly bathing your pet with the FURminator deShedding shampoo enriched with Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids
• Next the FURminator deShedding conditioner is applied. This helps to release the undercoat and loosen hair. This conditioner contains oatmeal, vitamins and aloe vera. After application the conditioner is left on your pet's coat for 10 minutes.
• Now we rinse and blow dry with our professional grooming blow dryers. Your pet is now ready to be groomed with the FURminator tool.
• As our groomer works through your pet's coat with this tool, any remaining loose hair and undercoat is removed. The final touch to your pet's treatment is a mink oil finishing spray that leaves your pet's coat shiny and smooth.


*Our feline friends are treated to this process without bathing or a finishing spray. Essentially they are brushed out with the tool to reduce shedding and improve coat condition which will help prevent matting. Our feline FURminator is $32.

Many shedding breeds of dogs and cats benefit from FURminating. Some common breeds are:


  • Pug

  • Chihuahua

  • Pomeranian

  • Corgi

  • Labs and Retrievers

  • Shelties

  • Huskies and Malamutes

  • Short haired Terriers, Pointers

  • Bulldogs

  • Shepherds

  • Cats




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