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Our Veterinary Services

We are first and foremost a veterinary hospital and primary care center for your pets. If you are interested in a service you do not see listed here, please give us a call. If we do not provide that service, we will make a recommendation for you. 

Wellness Care

Your pet's annual wellness examination is critical to keeping your pet healthy and will allow us to detect any abnormalities that might be present.

During the routine wellness exam, we will evaluate your pet's overall body condition and assess his or her weight, temperature, and heart and respiratory rate.

Our annual routine wellness examination visit includes:

  • complete physical examination

  • tailored vaccination protocols

  • flea, tick, heartworm control

  • laboratory services such as heartworm and fecal testing

  • nutritional counseling

In addition, as part of our wellness care visits, we will evaluate your pet's teeth and gums and provide a oral healthcare plan to keep your pet free from dental disease.

Surgical Care

Our modern surgery suite allows us to perform routine and advanced surgeries on pets of all ages.  We utilize state of the art anesthesia and monitoring equipment to ensure your pets safety.  All surgeries are performed using the strictest sterility control helping your dog or cat recover as quickly as possible. We also treat all post surgical incisions with laser therapy to help speed the healing process. Some of the surgeries we perform include:

  • canine and feline spay and neuter

  • feline front paw declaw

  • wound repair

  • tumor removal and biopsy

  • hernia repair

  • stomach and intestinal foreign body removal

  • orthopedic issues (bone fractures, luxating patellas, ruptured ligaments, etc) available at our facility through board certified surgical specialist Dr. Bruce Berger

Digital Radiography

Our state of the art digital x-ray and digital dental radiology system allows us to achieve superior x-ray views with less stress for your pet.


X-ray images are viewed on a computer screen which allows us to zoom in and out, rotate the picture, and even lighten or darken the image in order to see the tiniest details. 


We make sure every owner gets to see their pet's x-rays so you can better understand our recommendations.  And, if needed, we can instantly email your images to a specialist for a fast and convenient consultation

Dental Care

Periodontal disease is the most common ailment of small animals. It can cause inflammation, bleeding, and if left untreated, can cause tooth and/or bone loss.

Signs of dental disease usually include bad breath, redness along the gum line, tartar, calculus, or your pet may be eating slower or more carefully than they used to.


Successful dental care is not just treating problems but providing early prevention also.  We offer pet-safe toothpastes and brushes, and tartar controlling treats, foods and water additives.


Should a full cleaning be needed,  we provide safe ultrasonic tooth scaling and polishing and we even have a sealant called Oravet that when placed on the teeth after a professional cleaning helps block the build up of new tartar and plaque.

Geriatric Care

While some age-related diseases may not be preventable, early detection and intervention is the key to successful management.


We recommend all senior pets (generally considered to be those 8 years and older) receive twice yearly exams.  Since pets age much more quickly than we do, this gives us the best chance to catch problems early and prevent serious issues.  During these exams, we will assess and discuss with you your pet's weight, dental health, activity level, signs of arthritis or pain, nutrition level, and heart health.  Based on our findings, we may advise laboratory blood tests to get a better picture of what is going on inside your dog or cat.

You may notice your older pet is slowing down or seems less interested in life and you may think that is part of getting older.  But remember-Old Age is not a disease!  More often than not, there is an underlying problem that we can treat.


Specific symptoms to look for in geriatric pets include: weight loss or gain, increased panting, lameness or trouble with stairs, increased thirst, problems urinating, coughing, new lumps or bumps, changes in sleep patterns or periods of disorientation.  If you see any of these, don't assume they are just part of ageing.  Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory testing such as urine testing, blood testing, and fecal parasite testing is routinely conducted for wellness visits or if your pet is being evaluated for an illness. These types of tests are often required for a complete and accurate diagnosis.


Our in-house laboratory equipment provides our veterinarians with access to results that are delivered quickly and accurately, allowing for us to formulate a specific plan to effectively care for your pet.


We also utilize IdexxLaboratory (the largest veterinary lab in the US) for more advanced testing.  They provide us with twice daily sample pick up and results are available for most tests  24-48 hours after submission.

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